The Truth About Obama

September 15, 2012Posted by Publius


Like you, we voted for Obama in 2008. We were excited to be part of a historic moment in American politics.

Obama made many promises to Americans - but has reneged on many of them, on many issues that we (and you) care about. In many cases, he continued or even doubled-down on the policies you hated under Bush.

Obama vs Medical Marijuana? Obama promised to let States that had legalized Medical Marijuana - including California and Colorado - safety to practice their ideas. Instead, Obama began to attack the right to Medical Marijuana, threatening dispensaries, prosecuting dispensary owners, and having the Drug Enforcement Agency raid and confiscate marijuana from legal dispensaries. That's not the change you wanted on the right to control your own health.

Wars? Obama promised to end them. Instead, we are still in Iraq; he escalated the war in Afghanistan; he started a new war in Libya - killing thousands - and without the legally required Congressional approval. That's not the change you wanted on wars.

Big Business and Cronies? Obama promised to help the average American in this bad economy. Instead, his policies funneled hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to Big Business - if they happened to also be his campaign donors. If you hate Republican's idea of "Trickle-Down Economics", this is the same thing: this is taking money from you, and giving it directly to giant corporations, hoping they will "trickle down" some on you. In reality, during Obama's presidency average family income has declined by over 8%, while Corporate Profits are at record highs - thanks to record government bailouts and subsidies - and Obama continues to give billions and billions to big corporations.. Obama's giant corporate cronies benefit while the people suffer. That's not the change you wanted on fairness in the economy.

Obama vs Civil Liberties Obama made a big noise about civil liberties, and the rule of law. But under President Obama, the Federal Government has continued Bush-era attacks on civil liberties such as warrantless wiretaps - and created brand new attacks on privacy and freedom by signing into law the NDAA - which allows the indefinite detention of American citizens. Obama has also assassinated American citizens overseas - without trial, and with significant collateral damage. That is not the change you wanted on fundamental civil liberties.